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Skill Toy With 2 Flashing LED's


Check your kit


  1. Turn  the PCBoard over so that you are looking at the PLAIN side.  From the drawing, find the locations of the components.  You will need to turn the PCB around so  that  it  coincides  with  the  placement  sheet.  Remember that you are seeing the copper track through the PCB.
  2. Bend  the legs of the resistor to a shape that will fit into its two location holes.  Push them through and firm the resistor down against the PCB.  See Resistors.  
  3. LED's are "Light Emitting Diodes".  Spread the legs of the LED's carefully  so  they  spring  into  its correct holes.  Push the legs just through the PCB so the LED's stand high off the board.  You should check that the small flat on the flange at the base of the globe is the same way round - (K leg has the flat).  The LED is polarised  -  a semiconductor - and will not work if placed the wrong way round.
  4. These two components may be soldered in place.
  5. Push the ends of the battery snap wires through, and solder.
  6. Push the PCB pins into the correct holes and solder.
  7. Bare the ends of the hook-up wire, tin both ends and solder to  the two pins.  Leave the wire in one piece until you have tested your project on a battery, and it works.
  8. Connect a 9 volt battery and test. If it doesn't work check that you have all the locations correct and that  you  have  the  LED's  in  the correct polarity.

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