Price - Stock No 130

Schematic Diagram

PCB Layout

Construction Method

1. Check your P.C.Board carefully for damage to the tracks. A  Circuit Tester or multimeter will help check that there are no broken tracks.

2. Identify the resistors by their colour bands or with a multimeter.  Bend the legs with long-nose pliers to match their holes and push them into place against the surface of the board. Solder in place - refer Soldering Technique .

3. Check the values and locations of the 
capacitors.  These are polarised and must be inserted in the correct orientation.  Solder in place.

4. The two transistors have a flat on the body. Solder them with the flats as the drawing shows.

5. The LEDs are also polarised.  See diodes.  The short leg is the 'K' leg.  Solder in place. 

6. Insert and solder the pins for the switch.  Wire is included to remotly mount the switch.  See Tinning Wire .

7. Insert the battery holder from the TRACK side, leaving access to solder.  Solder in place.

Trouble Shooting

Troubleshooting will involve careful checking of locations and polarity of all components.  Re-solder all joints and check to make  sure  you  have  not  bridged across  between  any  two adjacent component legs.  The end  of  a  broken  hacksaw  blade  sharpened  on  an  emery wheel is a good tool for cleaning between soldered joints.

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